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I have been incredibly fortunate to live a varied and interesting life that has given me profound experiences, both good and difficult.


These have shaped my world and have led me to speak publicly on subjects such as resilience, grief, transition and social impact.  


I have had the privilege of addressing local organisations, women’s groups, churches and local media. My life has also led me around the world where I have spoken at international conferences and public events.

Most recently I have co-authored The Resilience Workshop with Gabi Lowe, where we offer useful and concrete examples and exercises to teach the Ten R's of Authentic Resilience. 

To find out more about my story visit the below links:

People ask me how I deal with my pain on a daily basis and certainly one of the things that helps is keeping a sense of humour, which has always been a big part of my life, and having friends you can really laugh with – as well as cry with. 

– Pippa Shaper

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