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About me


Pippa Shaper Profile Picture

Pippa Shaper
Ennea 5LQ Practitioner

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach & Strategist

I have a passion for working with individuals who are wanting to see positive, long-lasting change in their lives and are willing to take responsibility for their own personal development. I identify strongly with the integral model of coaching, both for myself and my clients, and am committed to ongoing learning.

I started my professional career in the retail sector, working as a buyer for the UK’s largest retailer, Marks and Spencer. Working in a large organisation gave me the opportunity to experience the complexities of international business and ‘being a small cog in a big wheel’.


Moving to South Africa in 1992, I spent 24 years in the non-profit sector. I was in a leadership position for 14 years, heading up Home from Home – an organisation providing foster care for vulnerable children – which I co-founded in 2005. As Operations Director, I built the organisation to its present level, before stepping back to concentrate on my coaching and development work.


Time spent in leadership the non-profit sector required me to work with individuals from multiple backgrounds, facing complex challenges. My strengths of communication strategy and adaptability have been amply used and developed in this field.


I began my coaching training in 2015, qualifying as a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, before continuing my studies in 2017 through Centre for Coaching.


Having faced multiple losses and many challenges, I have co-authored The Ten R’s of Authentic Resilience Model to develop a client’s capacity for resourcefulness, resilience and potential. I work with deepening conscious awareness and connection to choice and empowers clients to find ways to make meaning and navigate their way through challenge, change and complexity by accessing their deepest creative resilience. Resilience Workshops and Retreats are held both locally and overseas, to individuals and in the corporate setting.



Over the phone or online

If you are looking for a certified coach to guide yourself or your team leave me a message here:


083 259 6186

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